Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting to know Someone

So me and the others had a discuss so we settled an argument, we're all friends (apart from me and Sean) and me and Mason's discuss was actually private, we didn't just say sorry and bye. We actually discussed our common things and what we are like, I will not tell you how I am or what I am, and I won't tell you what Mason is either. So don't ask me please, it's rude. My point is, everyone on Wizard101 has a reason why they came, so me and Mason's one was quite commonishly rare.

Anyways, when your talking to someone, try and get to know them before judging them. Goodbye!

~Sir Ravenstone

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sorry for Party Rocking I MEAN Sorry for the Issue

Hello Wizards, I know it's a weird title. But it was something to jolly up the mood. I'm not in a bad mood right now, and not planning to be.  I'm sorry you guys had to hear such stuff about me. But to be honest, if I told you the full real story (You have my word that it's true). Then it can be proved that 85% of what The Life of a Wizard said was a lie. I prove it? Alright. (This Comic Sans is really helping out) Okay.

What Happened?

Well actually it was a silly matter. In total Mark (@MarkOfTheGamer) accidently said an inappropriate word, why accidently? Because he forgot that the #twizard community DO NOT tolerate swearing. So I kindly told him to quickly delete that tweet and rephrase it as quickly as possible. I also warned him saying that if he doesn't, he will surely get 'it' from the twizards. Apparently, Mason Swiftblade (Owner/Writer of The Life of a Wizard) had gotten offended by what I said, and therefore creating an argument full of stupidity. Noticing this, Chris Darkflame (A.k.a Sierra Mist) found out that I apparently offended Mason, and he rapidly went onto Sir. Swiftblade's side. Once this happened, he posted a hatefilled wall post on my Facebook wall, telling me to do such that will not be said. So I thought (this is stupid) that he should get his own medicine and I posted my reply onto his wall. Seeing this, Edward Lifegem (Owner of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem) comments telling me to delete this wall post, I told him out of rage that Chris should remove it himself, just like I had to remove it myself. I only removed that wallpost 16 HOURS after Chris had posted it. Not fair, That's how I got mad in the first place. Autumn Dreamwalker (Owner of Secrets of the Spiral) saw me and Edward pick at each other, and she joined in (onto Edward's side) and started to do it towards me to. After me finishing the argument by blocking Edward and Autumn in every way. There seeing me block them, Sean Redhammer (Owner of That Crazy Thaumaturge) started cussing/swearing me out, as so with Chris did to me. 

In the end, I blocked all of them but Chris. That was a purpose so I can get in touch with him, just in case I wanted to discuss it out. 

Which I'm trying to do now. 


Hello Wizards, I have a surprise for you!

 With blooming flowers, blue skies and spring festivities our friend Eggbert has come back to visit us in the Spiral!

You can find Eggbert in the Shopping District by the water fountain, and you'll surely want to go visit him to see all the various Spring wands and the Pet Egg! Remember, these offerings will only be available for a limited time - so hop to it!

Not only will you want to go see Eggbert, but we're also adding a Bunny Costume to the Crown Shop. Your Wizard can be Peter Cottontail hopping down the Wizard101 trail in this cool head-to-toe bunny suit! Enjoy him while you can Wizards! ~Sir RavenStone


Friday, March 23, 2012

Green Fingers! Wizard101 UK News

Hello Wizards! I know I haven't been posting much about news, so here we go. 

Moolinda Wu has been asking us to keep a "green finger". I totally agree, I don't want to see in your gardens, wilting or dead plants. I've been seeing that in a lot of my friends houses. What's up with you guys? Visit the Life school at level 12 for your very first quest about.... gardening. Good luck!

Also tips, get your space ready for your garden, don't want your mind mixed up. And pay attention to your plants it's like a baby, THEY ALWAYS NEED SOMETHING! Harvest, Plant, and Collect! Enjoy!

Goodbye! (I love using Comic Sans) 

~Sir RavenStone

Quit Wizard101?

Hello my dear friends, I have an upcoming bad post for you.

As sad in the other post "You can't trust Everyone". Mason has caused SO much drama. That now it's taken to someone ELSES' hands. For such small matter. And it's driven me to this hard decision, should I stay? Or should I go?

I've never felt welcome into Twitter like I did in Facebook. Malistaire's gotten into my mind, and I'm letting him take over. Because I really am stuck, and out of control. Here is a message: " Look, I personally feel no one is on my side giving any kind of support no matter. So if that's the way, and I have no friend, then I bid you a good day and it would be wonderful for all of you when you see me quit Wizard101. Isn't it? Also, in my opinion, you haven't saw what Chris has done to me? Yes? Thought so, and that's why you shouldn't said it's not only my fault. Chris Autumn and Edward were saying I shouldn't be doing this, and that. It's like Cinderella (I feel weird with this example). I'm Cinderella and Chris and Edward are the too step sisters, while Autumn is the step mother. Now they don't treat me as well as you think. So (with a bit of twist in the end) THE FAMOUS QUOTE....... "Treat others the way you want to be treated."..................................I treat them the same way. No? Yes, no. Because ALL of you come up taking nags at me, yes? Yes. Now you have to admit, no one really was supporting me, so I was a bit more brave than all of you standing up for my rights. And if you want me to quit Wizard101, surely just drop off my list. However, I won't leave for you Edward, I won't leave for you Ian, I won't leave for YOU Buxley, I won't leave for ANYONE. This is my favorite game, and I AM ALLOWED TO PLAY IT. I don't care about Chris threatening that he's gonna do something to me. Like what can you really do? Cyber hit me? Pathetic. So really, if you want me to leave you alone. Then don't you dare touch the button next to Anger. Because you won't EVER be accepted back. Sorry Buxley, gave you a chance but really if you saw Chris' post. Which was the first post, it was much more terrible. So once again, don't blame everything on me. But before you do, think about the way I feel. Think about the way I would've got offended and blasted everyone. Instead of saying ahh he's a Demon just tell him off, all of us. I'm no demon, I have feelings and it looks like you all don't understand I DO have feelings. Because if you did, you would've been welcoming me way better into such situations. And Buxley don't even for a minute say your not taking sides because you already have took a side, the darkside. But I'll make you come to the light side once again (once I buy those cookies). Anyway, even if I'm blasting at someone, the person should know if I put a little humor in there, I don't at all hate them. But hate what they've done. And really looks like you hate me. And I'm fun with that. Just don't tell everyone something which gets me into the wrong instantly. I nearly had 100 followers on Twitter, then it went to 79, you know why? Because you were bad mouthing me. That's all I care about." Now as you see, it was a very sad moment when I wrote that. But It had to be done. It's now leave for me, or stay. You guys choose, I'm stuck.

Tell me in either Facebook or Twitter. @SirPyromancy or Wolf Sky (FB).

Thanks guys, it's been a wonderful to be here, and just remember I love you all as friends. Even those who hate me. So goodbye.

~Sir RavenStone.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Hey Wizards and Witches! How's your Wizardry lives? A few days ago Wizard101 told us about Spring Cleaning, and cleaning out your shared bank, backpacks, and banks is a good idea. I have an idea! Got a low level noob? Give them your unwanted clothes and let them sell it for more gold! Then you can also give them some clothes so they don't like so newbie.

Anyways, enjoy my tips and have a happy Spring Cleaning!

~Lord RavenStone

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Wizardry!

Hello Wizards! I'm jolly happy again! I got to do some awesome changes to the blog, and check it out now! It's awesome isn't it? I like how everything is completely ours and KingsIsles. It's amazing! An appreciation is if you could follow us! We'd love to get to 15 followers, so make sure followers to tell your friends about the website! Thanks!

~ Sir. Ravenstone